FEDIAF introduces the latest Nutritional Guidelines for Pet Food for Cats and Dogs

  • Date: 15 October 2021
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Brussels, 15 October 2021  - The European Pet Food Federation, FEDIAF, is pleased to announce the latest version of the Nutritional Guidelines for Pet Food for Cats and Dogs.


The importance of these updates rests on the significance of the Guidelines, which Raquel Izquierdo De Santiago, FEDIAF Secretary-General, defined as “the go-to source helping manufacturers in their mission to provide safe, palatable and nutritious food for pets”.


To provide state of the art recommendation, FEDIAF works with the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which comprises independent and renowned scientists from European academia and consultancy. After the FEDIAF Nutrition Working Group and the SAB coordinated efforts, the 2021 version contains numerous updates reflecting the latest scientific nutritional studies on pet food. As Thomas Brenten, chair of the Nutrition Working Group, explains, “based on the review on the recent nutritional scientific literature, several updates were made, which include phosphorus and an updated calculation for energy requirements for puppies.”


The complete version of the “Nutritional Guidelines: For Complete and Complementary Pet Food for Cats and Dogs” can be downloaded HERE.


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